Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sometimes we realize truths that we previously had written off or just been completely oblivious to. Then there comes the day we finally understand that the ignorance of our own actions is no way to live. Why live in denial? We NEED to confront our negative proclivities before then turn into destructive habits. It is an ugly business to try and face yourself in these situations, and sometimes self-deprecating activity is our only salvation. Do it too much and you may face depression, or self-esteem issues. [Wow, whatever topic I start out writing about turns complicated the moment I try to cover the entire thing.] Once you start talking about depression there are mental health issues that inevitably come into play. A downward spiral is dangerous and not until my current employ have I been so involved with mental health issues. I attempt to understand each day by looking at medical records how people with mental health problems live each day. Difficulty. Can you imagine having to work each day just to keep yourself from breaking down, try harder than anything just to complete a normal day without interference from mental instability. Think about all the different activities that would be affected. just waking up in the morning and getting out of bed with depression is a chore many succumb to. Those with panic, anxiety, or agoraphobic issues are likely afflicted with a disease that prevents regular interaction with other people and social functioning. Difficulty. That is a mild way to phrase that situation. Well, whatever the meaning of this post it should be extracted from this enigmatic rant. Good luck my friends.