Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Next Day

After the last class of the semester I cant help but look back at the past few months and believe that it was much much longer. We are subject to our surrounding s and life moves just as fast as we think it does. How can we fast forward through the things we dont like to get to the things we do? The good with the bad? Makes sense to me, punishment to get to the rewards, go through hell to get to heaven? but why does it have to be that way? Is hard work necessary to get something we truly desire? In most cases the hard work increases the percentage of getting what we truly desire yet, there are occasions in which good things come to those who do nothing to deserve their achievements, barely work in order to make their dreams become reality. I shard work necessary? Depends on what you want...but in most cases we are not perfectly suited to achieve our goals in the state in which we are born, and our goals require bettering ourselves to the amount neceassary to achieve. Right. Believe at your own risk...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last day of class!

Is there a better feeling than completion? Completion of my first semester classes, not exams mind you but from now on its all review, so I'm counting it. Gotta finish my paper tomorrow for GLS and one class on Tues to make up for the holiday but then its study study study until exam day(s). So what has it been like? Everyone deals with the workload and stresses of law school in a different way. I think that my most effective strategy was alcohol sadly. I drank more this semester than I thought I would, mostly in moderation but there were definitely a few days lately things have been a little fuzzy. Anyways, studying all night after being at school all day it makes you self-medicate find a way to relax, I usually study in my apartment and being cooped up here all day really takes its toll. But 1L is ALMOST halfway over!! Goddamn it feels good to be ALMOST done. See ya after exams I will be hibernating in a study cave until Dec. 17th. PEACE EASY!!