Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays

Wow there is so much joy and cheer and all that goes with the season of giving. Is that true? I really don't feel any joy cheer or any of the like. People have never been colder, the world requires us to be cold, to be tough, and to have a thick skin. Maybe that is just my negative half empty kind of view of the world or maybe it is true. There are the random few who are truly nice people, truly care about their fellow human beings and would go out of their way to help, to give something to someone in need. I admit that I too am guilty of turning a cold shoulder to those who may be in need more than I, and I may even be in possession of the means to help them. Its not like I have a lot of money or things to just give away. I have enough, nothing more for the most part. Its difficult to give things up when we become accustomed to them such as...TV. But then again, it is my belief that certain entertainment IS a necessary part of some people's lives. Life is stressful enough do we really want to take away the things that help them relax. It's true that TV for example is NOT a necessity, I know that it is irrelevant to everyday life and we would not wither up and die if TV was never invented. My argument is that our society requires some leisure activities, of which TV has become the ultimate one. There are those who do not watch TV but they are less informed about modern societal activities unless they are an avid internet user who is constantly researching modern fashions, trends, and current events as well. That's why we look at people without a TV as a little different. After a day of school I need to unwind, to watch something that doesnt require brainpower but stmulates me above sitting there staring at the wall. TV to me is a necessary part of life, I dont need to watch it but if I didnt have it and everyone else did there would be a problem. I wold be bored!! Maybe I would start reading or get a hobby haha wat amn I saying? Who knows this wasn't well thought out...o well

Saturday, December 19, 2009

No more finals...now what?

In no particular order things I want to/need to do:
1) Summer Job Hunt
2) Xmas Shopping(well maybe this is first)
3) Recover
4) Prepare to do it all over again next semester
5) Golf????
6) Go home and celebrate the holidays
7) Probably some other stuff too...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Rain

I love the rain, it makes everything wet but its so peaceful and natural. I actually look forward to rainy days. You can stay inside and be warm when it is pouring outside, sit on the couch and watch tv and listen to the sounds of the rain. It is perfect for the moment because I need to study so wont be going outside anytime soon. However, it is fun to go out in the rain too I remember playing soccer in the rain and I loved it, just letting go of the worry of getting wet and just really letting go. Being all muddy and soaked to the core when the game was over but not really caring. I've heard that you can catch a cold like that but dont really care. Things grow in the rain, its a free car wash and a clean slate falling water makes me feel lke things are starting anew, springtime and new life. We need rain and I love it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The studying continues...

Nothing else is going on...literally nothing. Wow, this past week has really been taking forever I sleep late in hopes that the day will go faster but studying all day everyday really takes its toll on you after a while. On to the holidays though, trying to think of better times and not just make this a rant and complaining blog. However, I dont have time to Xmas shop until the 17th and I dont have time to kick it with any of my friends until then either. I cant wait though a few weeks of no actual studying, well, I probably will have to study some. Its relentless, really school starts again on Jan 11th! I guess I have to take what I can get as far as breaks go, and I get to start crim law next semester something that seems interesting as far as all the lawyer and crime shows go. for some reason I think I will be disapppointed though. I live for the days of hanging out with my friends and seeing people I truly want to see. A week and two days thats it! Peace easy.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Class is over what is next?? Well 4 finals, but there is this dead time between them where you are supposed to study hard and learn everything that you didnt during the semester. I have considered myself a good test taker but this studying is killing me, I feel like I have seen this all before and I have and I know that I need to work hard and I try, i really try but there us just something in me that wont let me concentrate for more than a few hours at a time. If i was getting pad or given a task to do that would be my sole focus but because studying is this combination of material that is synthesized into one answer I really do not see myself finding the key being a good studier anytime soon. My philosphy has always been to learn it the first time around but I realize that with material this complicated and intricate that sometimes the first time around is not enough to learn the complete semesters worth of material. However, the way that I study has always been somewhat effective, Ive made it this far havent I? Am i stressing out? Maybe a little, more bored than anything and getting the depression from other areas of life, because I feel like my activities are so one-dimensional that I am wasting my youth, or what I have left of it, on school. In a sense, its true, gotta be more upbeat and friendly, my goals for the week. Thats not me though, i mean Im friendly enough but need to be aroudn the right people t truly be myself. I need to overcome my quietness or something damn I really am wiggin out, cant sleep, cant study, fuck this...cant wait til the 17th then I get to do this over next semester