Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Stress is an odd phenomena. The mind is a truly fascinating thing in this regard. Your thoughts and general lifestyle can effect physical well-being. I recently experienced this phenomenon the hard way, and the only thing I could think was why did it take so long? Law school is the epitome of stress but I survived until my last final until it manifested upon my physical health. Everybody has a breaking point, so I guess now I know mine. Funny thing is that i did not feel that stressed. Maybe that is the point, though. When nothing is seemingly wrong then the unthinkable seems to happen. So what is the lesson here? Honestly there is not a whole lot we can do about it. Take care of yourself and maintain a positive outlook are the only tings I can think of. Those general propositions make little sense outside of what our parents have been telling us since we were young and are more like a mantra then an actual suggestion. So, back to the stress. It is a killer which many people never see coming. Common sense counsels that we should avoid it whenever possible but all roads lead us to pile it on. All things in life come with their challenges while personal constitution is as much a factor as anything else. Therein lies the real issue because as we realize how stress affects us that awareness can magnify the stress into the more serious: anxiety. Anxiety is a clinical mental disorder which can be disabling. Stress can create anxiety and the worries of one turning into the other creates the same. A vicious circle of problem that seems silly. I worry everyday, and feel like I am on constantly teetering over the precipice of losing control. That does worry me, but the stress will and has to continue for life to go on. The battle of life continues and I have to soldier on.

Monday, April 16, 2012

My thoughts on graduation

A new chapter, a milestone, an accomplishment, an ending, a mile marker in your life and however else you may feel compelled to describe such an occasion. One thing is for sure, the same thoughts now flood my mind that were present upon undergraduate graduation. Apprehension, fear, excitement, reflection, bewilderment, confusion, and a good number of other feelings too difficult to name all at once. The obvious question that everyone is going to be asking is what are you going to do now? There are some people in my class that have that all figured out. I do not like those people. Mostly because I wish that the assurances they now have are ones that I also enjoyed. Nope. Basically, I plan to take the bar and look for a job. Sigh. There is nothing in that sentence that is easy. Those may be too of the most difficult things that I may ever have to do in my law school career. The bar passage rate is low. The rate at which there are openings in the legal field is even lower.

The fact that those thoughts weigh on me during a time that is supposed to be filled with celebration and joy is so disfigured by the thoughts of future job prospects and an examination to validate my legal studies. One step at a time. Graduate. Celebrate. Study. Celebrate. Get a job. Easy enough!

Monday, March 12, 2012

On and on and on like the song goes

Is there a certain negativity associated with monotony? Of course, when someone asks a question like "What's new with you?" and the response is "absoultely nothing" there tends to be a moment of self-reflection. Is that something to worry about? It really depends, but success and positivity are not always the same thing. Sometimes we find success in doing the right thing which is associated often times with the less desiarable result. I would not exactly call that failure but a success for morality. Keep it simple.