Thursday, July 30, 2009

A torrent of activity

Maybe it is human nature but procrastinating is a way of life for some people. Me being one of them, maybe it is laziness maybe it is just a preference but doing nothing until the last minute is something I have become accustomed to on many levels. Every week that goes by is one less I have to prepare and to adjust to the new lifestyle that I will have to acclimate myself to. However, there has been little physical activity besides getting my things together and organizing which furniture items I will be taking and which will be left for another day. Mentally though, I am psyching myself out as best I can by telling myself that this will be the hardest thing I ever do, that no matter what I thought was hard before that looking back this will be the most difficult. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically taxing, OK so not spiritually but all the others will be tested, retested, and tested some more. The sanity and calm I feel at this moment is slowly being taken, slowly morphing into a torrent of activity. I need to make sure I am financially ready to pay for school, as well(one that I wish I could forget). Having been told over and over how much I will be expected to work and to study I feel that up until now people have been easy on me. My college professors asked things of me and I gave them enough to get by and never really took a vested interest in what i was learning until I worked at the law office and everything there was new and exciting. All the new cases held a certain wonder about the outcome and the circumstances upon which they came to be. Interesting, that is the word I would say, for maybe the first time about academic material, appropriately surmised my feelings. This is why I am doing what I am doing and why I believe I have made the right choice in going to law school. It feels good to finally admit that to myself and to have a reason that makes sense to me, the most important person to convince.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

T-minus 14

2 weeks, an amount of time that is just long enough to say 2 weeks, eh I got time but in big changes like the one I am about to go through 2 weeks is like 2 minutes. Time goes fast when we are having fun as the saying goes but how do you relax and have fun when there is this much to look forward to. A career path, life change, and total reinvention of yourself as a person. Right now I am a college graduate, a modest accomplishment that is gaining less and less significance in the general society. However, a law school degree, especially one from a school people have heard of(not that mine is) goes from oh, you graduated college, to wow you graduated from law school!
Have I always been a lawyer in waiting or has my life path altered to include the study of law? It really is interesting to consider how we have come to be where we are and most of the time there are no real answers to questions of that nature. When looking back on my life and seeing where I've been and where I am going leaves much to be desired. I prefer riding the waves created by dipping my hand into the pool of life. The truth of the matter is that this pond is more of a whirlpool with people swirling in every direction and their paths crossing without the notion of how their actions may effect others. However, as I get so philosophical(as I always do) I regress to the simple truth that law school is my future, no matter how it has become the reality of the situation for me. I hope to make the most of it, going in with a positive yet cautious attitude to avoid the pitfalls law students of every caliber face during their legal careers(and I'm sure these are numerous). Right now they are just wishful thoughts but with any luck and of course hard work(that one's easy to forget) I can make them the reality of my past.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Objectives and Reasons

Objectives: The objective of this blog is mainly to publicly tell my story about law school from the student perspective. Hopefully I have time to update as often as possible(once a day ideally). The other objective is to release all the feeling and thoughts I have inside me. It really makes me feel better to write things and creatively express myself. Also, with all that is going to be happening it may make for an interesting narrative of events.

Reasons: The main reason I wanted to write this is for myself, not only the aforementioned objective of getting things off my chest but maybe also to let my family and friends join me in my journey throughout the maze of law school.

Today's update: I am feeling anxious still about the future as I have been for the past month or so. However, living out on my own again is going to be good. I have been living with my parents for the past year and my patience is wearing thin. It will be nice to have my own rules and own hours(I came home at 10 o'clock today and everyone was asleep). Living in Sacramento will be like if I had gone to Davis for undergrad as I was planning to after high school. It is close enough to home for weekend trips and far enough away that my parents, well, it is pretty close I hope they won't drop in unexpectedly. I am sure that they are happy that I am going to be as close as I am which honestly I like, the older I get the more I want my parents to be happy, I am a pain and sometimes they deserve something for putting up with me. That is my painful self-revelation of the day.

My First Post

Although I have been blogging for some time now about philosophical topics, it just occurred to me that keeping a blog or journal for law school would be beneficial not only for me but to all those out there who may stumble across my poorly written bumbling thoughts in their journey down a similar path. So here it is, my first post. Although I am yet to attend a class, meeting, or orientation session law school already seems hard. The horror stories I have heard combined with those I have not swirling throughout the cavity under my skull where a brain is supposed to be. It is absent right now, I am absent minded. It's summer a time to be free and wild to do whatever it is you want to. Everyone seems to think that I need this time and even the blurbs I have read on 0L summer say to some degree that you should just relax and enjoy the time you have. I am doing that but have the unexplainable urge to return to work to accomplish tasks and start moving towards my ultimate goal of graduating law school, passing the bar,and getting a job. When it is all in one sentence it seems so matter of fact, so simple and straightforward.
What have I done this summer to prepare? Really, nothing at all and as law school approaches like a speeding train unprepared is an understatement to how I feel about the experience. What am I supposed to do really, read as much about law as I can? How about study casebooks? Well, I am under the impression that over the next three years(as I say it now it already sounds long) there will be so much reading and studying that the little bit i do before school starts will be inconsequential. I have been playing golf, a game I recently have been taking seriously and working hard to get better at. Furthermore, I shot my best score ever of 84 a few weeks ago. The thinking that goes on over each shot and the concentration, focusing on getting the ball from one spot to the next. The comradery of the guys side by side in the cart, laughing talking and playing a sport that brings them that much closer. Artistically, it is a beautiful game that I could talk all day about and that is the point in talking about it. It takes my mind off the upcoming dread sure to be faced and gives me goals, obstacles , and something to work on whole-mindedly. That has been my preparation, and here's to it's success.