Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Working towards...

Where we end that where we intended to be? So when I see some guy working the corporate grind, bored out of his mind, 2 kids, 1 dog, white picket fence should I NOT be envious? I feel like that is what I am working towards, I want to work normal hours and have a 9-5 job(for an attorney those hours are amazing). Is that wrong? Society has told us to work towards our dreams but Hollywood has turned that dream into a joke. Maybe the "recession" is making the mediocre American life seem more appealing but I strive toward that "mediocrity". I put it in quotes because I believe that it is becoming more desirable to have constant employment at a company that allows you to start at a normal time and leave at a similarly normal time. Mediocrity. Build your dreams up and land where you always thought you would be looking down upon. Cynical you say? Probably, but can you blame me? Did we grow up thinking unemployment would reach all time highs? That the financial sector would be overrun with unethical business practices, putting greed at an all time high? Still, I am excited to start my legal career, in whatever field I end up in and with all the hope an naivety in the world. Here's to those naive, yet optimistic ideals!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Be Thankful

More reasons to be thankful this holiday season. I have seen the bottom, I have talked with those who are down and out, and it makes me see things differently. I see that my life, no matter how bad it may seem at times, is not nearly as bad as those who are incarcerated. These people have been stripped of their freedom for past transgressions of the law. Do they deserve where they are? That is a topic for another day. Today, the point is that we should all appreciate the fact that we are able to come and go as we please to do what we want without restriction, and to be free. That basic privilege is one that not many have considered and those who are in "the system" are usually not new-comers. I rarely see people who have unblemished records and it saddens me to think that these people are doing life sentences on the installment plan. I fight everyday to keep people free and to allow those who have been wrongly convicted to aquit themselves in a court of law. So be happy that you are not my client and that you are free this Thanksgiving. Also do not break the law! haha it goes without saying I guess but it really is not worth it and the government will make sure that will always be true.