Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Put on my gasoline boots and walk through IL

Life is getting interesting, am I going to be able to finih all my school work, that is prepare for EVERY class, write the required papers, that is solicit for law review and finish my GLS paper, and keep my sanity? Even I am interested in the outcome. On top of all that the next two Saturdays are some of the biggest partying days of the year. I had a bad bad bad experience for St. Pattys day last year and this year I know will be different, however its more proving to myself that I can handle it than having a good time.
Back to school, the last few days have been relatively calm, but looking onto the horizon so to speak, there are stormy waters ahead. The little assignments that are included with our regular reading assignments are killing me, we have a civ pro writing assignment due tomorrow, but that is included with the readings and a torts negotiation and crim law review session on Monday. Should I go out this weekend? I broke my phone last weekend when I did so...Gotta keep it civil, keep it simple, and make it count. Good luck.