Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do something positive everyday

Thank you Buckshot, what a great line. The concept of course is that everyday we should make ourselves a little better, or make our world a little better. If only we all had the same view of "better" and worked in unison to make that "better" universal. My con law professor calls those "scare quotes" when used to mock the usage of word that defies the original or most well-used definition. That holds true here because idealistic views about where to place our energy are just fantasies of grandeur so to speak. I would like to say something like that is realistic but honestly, freedom of choice and the "pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness" are too important. People are free to put their energy to whatever they want, but sometimes, just sometimes those values true to socialistic states where people work for the common good, usually referred to as hippie communes in modern society, look to be utopian societies. Our society has a lot of problems but boasts unique characteristics that are not possible without the system in place. I'd like to believe that we have taken the best system historically available and tweaked it until it is as close to perfect as possible, but who wants perfect. Today I was reminded that perfection is boring, and while I have gotten so far off track now than I wanted to I think of my blog as more of a stream of consciousness than a literary publication. We should do positive, because freely choose to do it! Is it likely, probably not, especially in a capitalistic society but we can always do some positive to try and get closer to it.