Thursday, April 1, 2010


Each and every facet of life has the ability to morph into somethine so much more with a simple variable adddition. Most things are already complicated enough but then we are challenged at one point or another to try and deal with an supplementary factors that may or may not help us make our decision. It reminds me that life is never completely solid, that there is always something that could change, a phone call you could get that makes an issue you thought was resolved that much more difficult to resolve. In my current situation choices and complication to the issue is a good thing. I am currently talking about mmy summer internship search of course and the question that has plagued me since the moment I opened my eyes, what are you going to do with yourself? I guess plagued is a little more harsh than I wanted to be with such a broad undefinable question with more self-realization inferences than I first realized but nevertheless lately it has weighed heavily upon my mind. When I only had one real opportunity for the summer there was really no option, I have but one. Now that I have another interview and the possibility that I could get a different internship, one that I was origianlly interested in more so than my current one it muddies the waters of clear decision-making.
Criminal Law or Environmental Law? Public Defender or Defenders of Wildlife...
Well I havent been offered the latter as of yet, my interview is tomorrow so I will let you know... it is nice to think we have choices, it is nice to think that life will throw us a curveball every once in a while, good or bad these keep us honest, sane to a certain degree, and fill us with the spontaneity that I for one crave as a part of my life. It will continue if I like it or not so...why not sit back and enjoy the ride?